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Tommy and Tuppence Partners in Crime 2015 DVD

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  • Tommy and Tuppence Partners in Crime 2015 DVD
  • Tommy and Tuppence Partners in Crime 2015 DVD
  • Tommy and Tuppence Partners in Crime 2015 DVD
  • Tommy and Tuppence Partners in Crime 2015 DVD
  • Tommy and Tuppence Partners in Crime 2015 DVD
  • Tommy and Tuppence Partners in Crime 2015 DVD

Tommy and Tuppence Partners in Crime

Quick Overview

There are two young adventurers available for hire, who are willing to do anything and go anywhere. They are up for anything – as long as the pay is reasonable. No matter the type of job, if the pay is good, Tommy and Tuppence will get involved.

The adventures of Tommy and Tuppence are the heart of this complete collection, with all ten episodes of the TV series Partners in Crime being featured. As an added extra, the feature-length prequel introducing the crime-seeking couple, The Secret Adversary, is also included.

This fantastic series was remade in 2015 starring David Walliams and Jessica Raine. Order now and benefit from FREE postage!

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More Info

The Secret Adversary, the prequel to the Tommy and Tuppence series, finds the two fearless amateur detectives undertaking an assignment which turns out to have serious consequences for the nation as a whole. This includes involving a secret treaty, Bolshevik uprisings, a missing young lady by the name of Jane Finn and a mysterious villain who goes by the alias of Mr. Brown.  

The Secret Adversary finds the Partners in Crime, Tommy and Tuppence newly married and turning pro, as they launch their International Detective Agency.  A master and mistress of disguise with a reputation amongst bellboys everywhere for being the worst tippers in town, they undertake a vast array of cases. From missing persons and haunted houses, to smuggling, thievery, connivance, and murder – Tommy and Tuppence will be there to solve the mystery at hand.

With each episode more gripping than the last, Tommy and Tuppence are the Holmes and Watson of their day, with a little more romance and a lot more champagne.

Episode Guide

  1. Newly married (but somewhat bored) Tommy and Tuppence take over a defunct detective agency and are quickly hired to investigate the case of a stolen pink pearl.
  2. After seeing a suspicious coded message in the newspaper, Tommy and Tuppence attend a glamourous masked ball and find a woman dying from a knife wound.
  3. Lois Hargreaves is fearing for her life. Tommy and Tuppence are summoned to help, but fail to arrive before Lois is mysteriously killed.
  4. Tommy and Tuppence Beresford fight to prove that Doris Evans is innocent after she is accused of murder, after a businessman is found dead on a golf course with a stab wound through his heart.
  5. After a young woman’s inherited manor house seems to be haunted, Tommy and Tuppence use their crime-solving skills to try and prove the ghost is actually a living person.
  6. The new US Ambassador for Britain tells Tommy and Tuppence in secret that on his travels his bag got mixed up with someone else’s – and they need to help him find out who is responsible.
  7. Monty Jones hires Tommy and Tuppence to help him win a bet and break a concocted alibi by the beautiful Una Drake, who has agreed to marry him if he can.
  8. Tommy and Tuppence investigate the murder of Gilda Glenn, a well-known stage actress – but everybody seems to have an alibi. Who is to blame?
  9. Gabriel Stavansson asks Tommy and Tuppence to find his fiancée. The crime-fighting couple are then involved with a horrendous mystery at The Grange House.
  10. Scotland Yard recruits Tommy and Tuppence to infiltrate an exclusive gambling club and expose the mysterious and ruthless gang of counterfeiters working there. 

 Partners in Crime

Starring Francesca Annis, James Warwick, Reece Dinsdale

Adapted by Pat Sandys, Jonathan Hales, Paul Annett, Gerald Savory, David Butler

Producer Jack Williams

Directed by Tony Wharmby, Christopher Hodson, Paul Annett               


The Secret Adversary

Starring Francesca Annis, James Warwick, George Baker, Peter Barkworth, Honor Blackman, Alec McCowen

Adapted by Pat Sandys

Producer Jack Williams

Directed by Tony Wharmby


DVD Extras

The Glamorous Fashions of Tuppence

Tommy & Tuppence Gallery

Agatha Christie Biography & Bibliography

Cast Filmographies


Additional Information

Sub Name No
Duration (mins) 600
Certificate PG
No. of Discs 3
Format DVD Region 2 (Europe)
Genre Crime
Author No
Video No