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The Wire - The Complete Series

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  • The Wire - The Complete Series
  • The Wire - The Complete Series

The Wire - The Complete Series

The Complete Series

Quick Overview

"you either love The Wire or you haven't seen it yet" (The Guardian) - now there is no excuse with the release of this complete box-set.
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One of television's most critically acclaimed programmes, The Wire challenges viewers with a "cop show" unlike anything on air. Universally lauded, The Guardian claimed that 'you either love The Wire or you haven't seen it yet' - now there is no excuse with the release of this complete box-set.


The HBO series addresses the seedy side of Baltimore's finest looking into money, drugs, politics and murder. Told from the point of view of both the police and their targets, the series captures a universe of subterfuge and surveillance, where easy distinctions between good and evil, and crime and punishment, are challenged at every turn.

A study on urban life in one of America's toughest cities, each season of The Wire has focused on a different aspect of Baltimore, starting with the police force and the drug trade, then moving on to City Hall, the education system and concluding with the media. Over the course of five seasons, David Simon has endeavoured to build a city.

It is a groundbreaking, complex and political look at the streets of America, detailed and fiercely intelligent; there is no other show like it on TV.


Series  Guide


Series 1


The first season introduces two major groups of characters: the Baltimore police department and a drug dealing organization run by the Barksdale family. The season follows the investigation of the latter over its 13 episodes.


Series 2


Series 2 introduces the stevedores of the Baltimore port and an international smuggling organization led by a figure known only as "The Greek", while continuing to examine the drug-dealing Barksdale Organization and the Baltimore Police Department.


Series 3


Series 3 introduces Baltimore's local politicians and the upstart drug dealing Stanfield organization while continuing to examine the Barksdale organization and the Baltimore Police Department.


Series 4


Series 4 introduces Baltimore's school system and several middle school students while continuing to examine the remnants of the Barksdale Organization, the ascendant Stanfield Organization, the Baltimore Police Department and politicians.


Series 5


The final series continued to examine the Baltimore police department, the Stanfield organization and city hall while introducing a fictionalized version of the Baltimore Sun newsroom.


List of major characters


The Police Department


Jimmy McNulty (Dominc West)

Homicide Detective (formerly Major Case Unit Detective and Patrol Officer)


Cedric Daniels (Lance Reddick)

Deputy Commissioner for Operations (formerly Lieutenant/Major/Colonel/CID Commander)


Kima Greggs (Sonja Sohn)

Homicide Detective (formerly Narcotics and Major Case Unit Detective)


Bunk Moreland (Wendell Pierce)

Homicide Detective


Lester Freamon (Clarke Peters)

Major Case Unit Detective (formerly Homicide and Pawn Shop Unit Detective)


William Rawls (John Doman)

Police Commissioner (formerly Major/Colonel/Deputy Commissioner for Operations)


Ellis Carver (Seth Gilliam)

Western District Sergeant in Charge (formerly Narcotics and Major Case Unit Detective)


Thomas "Herc" Hauk (Domenick Lombardozzi)

Defense investigator (formerly Narcotics Detective and Major Case Unit Sergeant)


Ervin Burrell (Frankie Faison)

Police Commissioner (formerly Deputy Commissioner for Operations)


The Politicians


Tommy Carcetti (Aidan Gillen)

Mayor of Baltimore (formerly City Councilman)


Norman Wilson (Reg E. Cathey)

Mayoral Deputy Chief of Staff (formerly Campaign Manager)


Clay Davis (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.)

Maryland State Senator


Clarence Royce (Glynn Turman)

Former Mayor of Baltimore


Michael Steintorf (Neal Huff)

Mayoral Chief of Staff


The Street 


Russell "Stringer" Bell (Idris Elba)

Drug Kingpin


Omar Little (Michael K. Williams)

Stick-up man


Avon Barksdale (Wood Harris)

Drug Kingpin


Bubbles (Andre Royo)

Soup kitchen volunteer and newspaper vendor (formerly drug addict and police informant)


Preston "Bodie" Broadus (J. D. Williams)

Drug organization crew chief (formerly drug dealer)


Marlo Stanfield (Jamie Hector)

Drug Kingpin


D'Angelo Barksdale (Larry Gilliard, Jr.)

Drug organization crew chief


Chris Partlow (Gbenga Akinnagbe)

Drug organization chief enforcer


Snoop Pearson (Felicia Pearson)

Drug organization enforcer


Michael Lee (Tristan Wilds)

Drug organization enforcer and crew chief (formerly middle school student)


Duquan "Dukie" Weems (Jermaine Crawford)

Corner boy (formerly middle school student)


Dennis "Cutty" Wise (Chad Coleman)

Youth boxing instructor (former gang enforcer)


Spiros "Vondas" Vondopoulos (Paul Ben-Victor)

Organized Crime Underboss


The School


Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski (Jim True-Frost)

Teacher (formerly Major Case Unit Detective)


Howard "Bunny" Colvin (Robert Wisdom)

Retired (Former Major with Police Department, and former teacher of sorts)


Marcia Donnelly (Tootsie Duvall)

Assistant Principal of Edward J. Tilghman Middle School


Claudell Withers  (Richard Hidlebird)

Principal of Edward Tilghman Middle School


The Paper


Augustus Haynes (Clark Johnson)

City Desk Editor of The Baltimore Sun


Scott Templeton (Tom McCarthy)

General Assignments Reporter atThe Baltimore Sun Metro Desk


Alma Gutierrez (Michelle Paress)

Police beat reporter for The Baltimore Sun City Desk





Additional Information

Sub Name The Complete Series
Duration (mins) 3853
Certificate 18
No. of Discs 24
Format DVD Region 2 (Europe)
Genre Drama
Author No
Video No