Halloween is nearly upon us so it’s time for us to raid our collection of horror films and stage a scary movie night. But what sort of horror film is for you? At Acorn, have a whole host of terrifying treats for you – whether you’re into classic chills, ghostly goings-on, malevolent monsters, gruesome gore or sadistic slashers.



We’ve picked out some of our top titles to help you decide what kind of Halloween scare you’re after.


Classic Chills

If your film tastes stretch to the golden oldies then there are plenty of scares to be had. The psychological thrills of Cat People will set the right creepy tone as the beautiful Irina fears that the folktales of her native Serbia are true: that if her jealousy or passion is aroused, she will take the form of a killer cat and butcher her American husband. Alfred Hitchcock was allegedly a fan of this Val Lewton classic, which neatly takes us to The Master of Suspense himself.


Psycho is undisputedly one of the best and most important horror films ever made. If you’ve never seen it, Halloween is the perfect time to give it a go. Just because you think you know all of the most iconic scenes, it’ll still send shivers down your spine. Speaking of iconic, Halloween is also the ideal time to sit down in front of Witchfinder General. This British classic stars Vincent Price in one of his scariest roles as a witch hunter who takes advantage of the civil unrest and social disorder during the English Civil War in order to impose his own sadistic reign of terror. Bleak and disturbing it’s one of the greatest British horror films of all time.


Ghostly Goings-on

If supernatural horrors from beyond the grave are more your thing, you should check out some of our films that go bump in the night. The Woman in Black sees horror stalwarts Hammer return to glory as Daniel Radcliffe investigates the mysterious disappearances of local children and the background of the ghostly Woman. Oculus, meanwhile, takes on haunted objects rather than haunted houses, with a supernatural mirror inducing horrific hallucinations in its owners. With a creeping sense of foreboding, throughout, the film, it’ll have you shying from mirrors for weeks.


The Haunting of Radcliffe House is more of a classic ghost story, with a young family moving into a gothic mansion on the Yorkshire Moors, and having to content with the previous owners – who never left despite being long deceased.

Malevolent Monsters


There’s been a resurgence in the monster movie of late with a mix of high and low budget films getting in on the action as vampires, werewolves mummies and other members of the monster mash find audiences again. Black Water Vampire offers a found footage take on the classic vampire myth, while Werewolf Rising sees the werewolf legend relocated to the picturesque setting of the Arkansas Mountains.


Starring Danny Glover, Day of the Mummy is a quintessential mummy movie, which sees a group of archaeologists in Egypt accidentally wake an ancient mummy with a hunger for human flesh, while in pursuit of a famed diamond.


Sadistic Slashers

Slasher films are a staple of Halloween and, whether you’re a fan of the original wave or the resurgences of the 1990s or 2000s, everyone has a favourite. At Acorn we have a selection of recent slashers to keep the scares coming and the body count high.


Varsity Blood takes some small town teens with a deep, dark secret and sees them picked off one by one at the hands of a mysterious killer dressed as their high school football team’s mascot. Bloody Homecoming, meanwhile takes a horrific firefighter as its central antagonist, killing off high school students who may or may not have been involved in the tragic death of a classmate. Lastly, Camp Dread puts a terrifying twist on reality TV – where elimination means death – and stars scream queen icons Danielle Harris and Felissa Rose.


Gruesome Gore

If you’re a regular gorehound when it comes to your horror films, you need to check out some seriously grisly titles. Zombieworld takes a look at the world left after the zombie apocalypse, horrific news reports following events around the world.

If classic gore is more up your street, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining shows us exactly what happens to Jack Nicholson when it’s all work and no play, and there’s lashings of blood involved – a whole lift full of the stuff, in fact. The Exorcist, gives us a different kind of gore, with shocks aplenty as young Regan is possessed by a malevolent demon.


So now you know what type of horror film is right for you, plan a scare-tastic double or triple bill for 31 October. And with selected horror film titles in our 2 for £12 offer, there’s no excuse not to ramp up the fear factor this Halloween.