The highly anticipated BBC crime drama, Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime, is now available to preorder on DVD from Acorn. Customers could receive their copy ahead of its nationwide release on 31 August 2015.


WalliamsThe show, which follows the adventures of crime-solving married couple Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, is significance thanks to a dramatic (albeit light-hearted) turn from comedic, Cowell-bothering David Walliams.

The Little Britain star told Digital Spy earlier this year that the show was not a parody but a crime serial in its own right and he had wanted to avoid “winking to the audience” in his performance. This meant resisting his well honed comic instincts when the peril had to seem real, but resulted in a well received and very enjoyable entry into the canon of Agatha Christie TV adaptations.

The Guardian called in “stylish” and “thoroughly British”, the Radio Times called it “camp and saucy”, most agreed that the show has been a well-produced slice of Sunday night drama.


Ok, so Walliams never settles into the role of the full-blown straight-man, but his take on Tommy Beresford has the lightness of touch and slight cartoonishness that the show sought out to create.


Nor is Walliams the only side-splitter to find his way into the murkier setting of a TV crime drama. Here are 3 other great examples of recent times:


Martin Freeman - Sherlock


Stephen Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ fast paced, whipsmart take on the Sherlock Holmes chronicles is another crime drama which adds a splash of humour to stories of murder and general skulduggery -- and while Benedict Cumberbatch steals most of the plaudits as the scenery-chewing sleuth of the title, Martin Freeman’s turn as Dr Watson is a mini-marvel of casting.

The actor best known for his comedic roles convinces as a military man with a keen intellect and a lust for danger and excitement. Since Sherlock alerted the world to his dramatic powers, he’s gone on to lead tent-pole movies and edgy independent television shows on both sides of the Atlantic.

David Threlfall - What Remains

For years, you knew him as the foul-mouthed Frank Gallagher, but since then David Threlfall has proved to the viewing public that he can do a lot more than play for laughs. In the acclaimed crime drama What Remains, he played Len Harper, the troubled investigator called upon when a young couple in London stumble upon the body of a woman that had not been seen for two years but never registered as missing.

It was a gripping show, thanks in no small part to Threlfall’s central performance.


Nicholas Lyndhurst - New Tricks


New Tricks is another popular BBC drama which balances the excitement of the dark side, with just enough levity to help you to swallow it. The Killing, it isn’t -- but great crime drama, it is. So we were just a little bit surprised to find that the latest “old dog” to join the cold-case solving team bore a striking resemblance to Del Boy’s brother Rodney Trotter.


Lyndhurst is a comedy icon who will go down in history as a beloved screen personality in light entertainment. With his role in New Tricks, he plays older (and a lot wiser) to fantastic effect.


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