Dating back to the 5th century, the day is apparently named after a martyr and has since become a day to celebrate love, where cards, chocolate and flowers have become the most popular gifts. It is estimated that the UK spends around £880 million on Valentine’s Day! According to a UK newspaper, London topped a poll as being the most romantic UK city, with Manchester coming in last at number ten!


We suggest you skip the stress of trying to book a table at a top restaurant and watch a film with your loved one in the comfort of your own home.  From the sweet to the surreal, check out our Pinterest board where we bring you our top Valentine’s picks which are guaranteed to get your heart beating!


Whether you're in Crazy Stupid Love or one of The Lucky One(s) spending the day with your sweetheart this Valentine's Day, we're sure to have something up our Racing Hearts to suit your cosy night in!


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