The Mill Series 1 & 2

The Mill was Channel 4’s highest rated drama of 2013 and Series 2 of the powerful historical drama has proved just as popular. Now, The Mill Series 2 is available for pre order at Acorn DVD, along with the box set of Series 1 and 2.

As we near the DVD’s official release date of 8 September 2014, we’re taking a closer look at the real life Quarry Bank, where the show isn’t only set, it’s also location filmed.

Inspired by real accounts of life at The Mill, this unique period drama is as authentic as they come; just ask the performers who prepare for scenes by getting smeared with mud.

Of course, that’s not to say that some artistic license isn’t taken to make storylines juicy and dramatic; but as we follow the lives of the mill owners, workers and apprentices of Quarry Bank, we feel the reality and history of the place itself.

Quarry Bank is one of Britain’s greatest industrial heritage site and for decades the facility has invited tourists to discover how all facets of the industrial community lived.

Incredibly, the Mill is still in working order, powered by the continent’s most powerful working waterwheel. The crashing power of the Victorian machinery has to be heard to be believed, while the site’s stunning gardens represent a beautiful contract to the Apprentice House in which the pauper children who worked the Mill were forced to live.

Nowadays, visitors can view props and costumes from the series and even enjoy exclusive behind the scenes footage. The popularity of the show has encouraged more people than ever before to take a trip to Quarry Bank.

Soon fans of the show can revisit their favourite episodes again and again.

Preorder your copy of The Mill Series 2 from Acorn DVD today, or if you’re a completist why not opt for the special edition S1 & S2 box set. Order now and you could receive your copy ahead of the official 8 September release date. For more information, click here.

The Mill Series 1 & 2