If you like Inspector Montalbano, then you’ll love The Vanishing of Patò. Exclusively available to pre-order from Acorn DVD, this engaging new crime mystery has stemmed from the definitive novel written by Andrea Camilleri in 2000. After being adapted for film by director Rocco Mortelliti, the lead actors include Nino Frassica as Paolo Giummaro and Maurizio Casagrande as Delegato Ernesto Bellavia.



Writer Andrea Camilleri is extremely well known in Italy, and when it comes to creating crime novels, he’s an expert in the field. From locations to character names, the inspiration for his writing relates heavily on the Italian culture in his hometown of Sicily, with vivid references running throughout his material. Camilleri found his leading character with Montalbano in 1994, and throughout each novel, the transformation of Italian history is evident in the political, economic and social context in which it’s written. The popularity of Inspector Montalbano has resulted in an impressive 23 novels, which then led onto a much loved TV series broadcast by BBC Four.



The Vanishing of Patò is set in the exact same fictitious seaside town that Inspector Montalbano fans are fond of, incorporating Sicilian characters with the stunning scenery of southern Italy. This is a crime drama with a twist - the addition of wry and witty humour, along with likeable relationships between characters makes this an incredible theatrical interpretation of Camilleri’s novel. For those who love Montalbano and Camilleri’s work, or even just Italy and its culture in general, The Vanishing of Patò will take you on a historical journey in order to investigate the truth of a disappearance. Pre-order your copy of this gripping drama with Acorn DVD today – you will not be disappointed.

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