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TV critics are raving about The Missing…and like TV viewers at home, they simply can’t get enough. Of course, if there’s one thing that your average TV critic really loves, it’s a well worn cliché that they can use to make their life a little easier.

In this case, the cliché in question is: “The Missing is this year’s Broadchurch”. But is it really true?

Let’s investigate!

The Missing DVD

First off, there’s the intensity. That’s definitely a similarity, although I’d say that so far The Missing is even harder hitting. Watching tortured father Tony Hughes (a quite brilliant James Nesbitt) frantically search for his son many years after the case was originally closed is particularly punishing; although that doesn’t mean we’d plan to stop watching.

That’s the second key similarity between the two hit shows: they keep you wanting more until the last second. Not since Broadchurch have I been so completely and utterly hooked on a TV show, so much so that the week between episodes feels like purgatory. We can almost appreciate how Tony and ex-wife Emily must feel, although in truth it probably doesn’t come close.

The Missing DVDThe Missing DVD

The reason that the show is so compelling is the third similarity between the shows: an intricate web of plotlines. You’ll even spot a lot of the same tropes: the unhappily married parents of the young victim and the screamingly obvious culprit. The Missing’s ill-fated paedophile Victor Bourg seems to serve the same function as the poor old shopkeeper in Broadchurch, Jack -- he was too guilty to ever be guilty.

They aren’t the only shared plot points: there’s the tireless journalist who’ll probably do more harm than good and a whole host of other locals and bystanders who could all know a lot more than they’re letting on. Some of them almost certainly do.

Broadchurch’s culprit was actually under our noses the whole time. As we anxiously wait for the next episode of The Missing, I can’t help thinking the same thing is true; and I definitely can’t wait to find out.

So who did it?

While we’re on the case let’s look at a few possible suspects from the early days of the show:

Julien Baptiste - The chief investigator when the case was originally open. He ticks a few suspect boxes: he’s dark, mysterious and he walks with a heavy limp.

Mark Walsh - It might just be because I don’t like Mark Walsh (who’s played by the great Jason Flemyng) but there’s something suspect about him. He’s the Brit police liaison who has gotten involved with Tony’s wife.

Khalid Ziane - Another French copper, Khalid has a dark and incriminating past which has already been uncovered.

Of course, it might not be any of these guys. There were plenty of suspicious characters in Chalon du Bois following the disappearance and it could be any one of them…or none of them…I don’t really know. I’m not actually a detective. Just another TV writer who can’t get enough of this brilliant show.

The Missing DVD
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