The perks of being a TV writer: back in September, the first episode of The Fall Series 2 was revealed at a press screening in the Mayfair Hotel, London. Now the second series of the acclaimed psychological thriller is available to pre order from Acorn DVD.

When it exploded onto screens last year, The Fall was that rare television event that was equally acclaimed by critics and home audiences. Some viewers reported sleepless nights and general feelings of unease after watching episodes of the show. Incredibly, they also continued to watch.

Since then the show has amassed quite the passionate following (aided more than somewhat by star Jamie Dornan’s ascent to the big time as the star of Fifty Shades of Grey).

The new series of The Fall will feature 6 episodes rather than 5, representing a narrative expansion. BBC drama boss Ben Stephenson told visiting journalists that the show’s producers were taking things to the next level. So what can fans expect from The Fall Series 2.

For starters, they can expect both stars, from either side of the law, to return.

Dornan is back as evil Paul Spector, a regular family man on the surface, but a murdering sexual predator beneath (not too dissimilar to Christian Grey perhaps…apart from the murder, of course).

Former X-Filer Gillian Anderson is also back as DSI Stella Gibson, the Belfast bobby charged with hunting Spector down. Series 2 Episode 1 lead on Stella’s side of the story but Spector remains an ominous presence throughout.

The screening was hugely compelling, not least during a scene towards the climax of the episode, in which Dornan’s criminal character came chillingly to the fore. The preview audience were gasping throughout; and now gasping for more.

Fans of The Fall are dead certs to love Series 2 and they can pre-order the brand new DVD from Acorn right now, ahead of its release date in December 2014. In the meantime, newcomers can “fall” for Series 1 of the show by picking up the DVD for a special offer price today.

The Fall Series 2 is just one of the exciting upcoming titles that is available to order at Acorn DVD today. For more information, head to