The Delivery Man DVD


What is it about hospitals which make them a breeding ground for good TV? We’ve had soap operas, dramas and reality shows -- and now we’ve got the latest hit in the subgenre of hospital comedies: it’s ITV’s ‘The Delivery Man’.

There have been plenty of positive reviews coming in for the good-natured sitcom which stars Darren Boyd as a rather handsome, yet bumbling, male midwife called Matthew.

If the idea of a copper retraining as a midwife sounds painfully awkward it certainly is, but isn’t that how we like our comedy on this side of the Atlantic?

From Brent to Partridge, and even Bean, we love a good cringe and few places have more cringe-potential than the home of backless hospital gowns.

The Delivery Man is just the latest in a line of hospital based comedies, and the team behind it is already responsible for one of the best ones. Director Victoria Pile created Channel 4’s Green Wing, while writers Robert Harley and James Henry worked on the show too.

The Delivery Man

Here the action takes place on a different ward, but that isn’t the only difference between the two hospital-based laughers.

Their new show is far less surreal than the last, and the comedy comes from a different place, but one we’ll all be far more familiar with. It’s the land of awkward social faux-pas and the ability to say the wrong thing at precisely the wrong time.

The more awkward we feel, the more liable we are to find ourselves with a mouthful of foot and that’s exactly what happens to Matthew, a lot.

The Delivery Man DVD

I think hospitals make for better TV than real life, because let’s face it, who enjoys a trip to their local infirmary? But they do make for a lot of great TV, probably because of their proximity to life and death.

One Born Every Minute gave us a weekly affirmation of the former: new life, gentle drama and cute little babies. The Delivery Man skewers the format by throwing a big, bumbling oaf into the mix to burst the magical bubble of birth with a mistimed, misjudged comment.

The gods of awkward comedy would be proud.

The Delivery Man DVD