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Noah and his ark will return to our screens this Easter, but it won’t be Russell Crowe’s action man at the wheel (does the Ark have a wheel?) it will be Frank Gallagher himself; aka David Threlfall.

The BBC’s highly anticipated, one-off drama is a sun-baked, washed-out human drama; and (SPOILER ALERT) there isn’t a magical rock monster to be seen.

We’re referring of course to Darren Aronofsky’s big screen adaptation of the biblical tale, which was at once grubby and garishly SFX-laden. Crowe certainly looked the part, but the movie was a hit and miss affair.

The Ark

Threlfall is no Gladiator, but he’s one of the finest actors working on British TV and he’s the perfect patriarch for Tony Jordan’s take on the religious fable

It’s the writer second bash at a biblical epic, after 2010’s The Nativity, starring Peter Capaldi (sans sonic screwdriver).

Before that Jordan was no stranger to high stakes drama. He wrote more than 200 episodes of Eastenders. That’s a lot of duff duff moments.

Of course, duff moments don’t get much duffer than when God tells you to build a ship the size of a football pitch in the middle of the desert to save your family and the faithful from a devastating flood which will kill everybody, but that’s the situation that Noah and his family find themselves in during the BBC’s brilliant new show.

An excellent cast of TV favourites and promising newcomers features Joanne Whalley (The Borgias), Nico Mirallegro (The Village) and Ashley Walters (Truckers). The Ark also stars Emily Bevan (In The Flesh), Hannah John-Kamen (Death in Paradise), Georgina Campbell (One Night), Ian Smith (The Syndicate), Michael Fox (New Worlds) and Andrew Hawley (Hinterland).

Part biblical epic, part human drama, all primetime spectacle, The Ark promises to be one of the TV highlights of 2015. Pre-order your copy of The Ark Official DVD right now at Acorn DVD.

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