Available for the first time in five years, The Irish RM is an Acorn exclusive! Based on the novels by Somerville and Ross, the series follows Major Sinclair Yeates who leaves his post in the English army to become the resident magistrate in the West of Ireland. Starring the incomparable Peter Bowles, the series follows Yeates as he settles into village life.


Directed by Ken Loach, Jimmy’s Hall is a political drama set in rural Ireland. Political activist Jimmy Gralton builds a dance hall for young people to dance, play music and learn. However, the hall’s free-spirited reputation is not welcomed by the church and politicians who close the hall and force Jimmy to flee.


If you’re a comedy fan then Father Ted is a must-have! The BAFTA award-winning programme follows the antics of three Irish priests. Ted has been exiled to Craggy Island and is forced to share a house with the rarely sober Father Jack, naive Father Dougal and their over-attentive housekeeper, Mrs Doyle. Will they ever be able to live together harmoniously?


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