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The father of Nordic Noir is coming to Nottingham -- and his hot new show is only available right here at Acorn DVD.

Murder: Joint Enterprise is the latest critically acclaimed crime drama to assault our screens and it boasts fantastic pedigree. It is directed by Birgir Larsen, the man who is credited with inventing the slow and unsettling style of Skandinavian crime shows like Wallander, The Bridge and, of course, The Killing.

Not only did the latter change the game when it came to TV crime dramas, it raised the benchmark for visual experimentation in a genre production. Now Larsen is at it again with murder.

Plot wise, you could be forgiven for thinking that Murder isn’t bringing a great deal new to the table: a woman has been murdered in her Nottingham flat, while her terrified sister has barricaded herself into the bathroom. Meanwhile, a drunk and disabled squaddie is pulled over for speeding and his shirt is covered in blood.

Where Murder excels, however, is in the execution: the central figures in this mystery all give their versions of events, directly to camera, with the help of accompanying flashbacks. But when their versions of events don’t fit together, who is telling the truth and who has something to hide.

Murder Exclusive Pilot Episode Murder Exclusive Pilot Episode Murder Exclusive Pilot Episode

Murder: Joint Enterprise uses direct-to-camera testimony, CCTV footage and flashbacks to paint a vivid and thrilling picture. The cast is excellent, particularly Misfits star Karla Crome as the victim’s sister and Game of Thrones’ Joe Dempsie as war veteran Stefan.

But it wasn’t the cast that convinced the highly respected director Larsen to venture to the UK, it was the script. Written by British telly veteran Robert Jones, the screenplay placed the emphasis on its extremely convincing, human characters. Fans of British or Nordic crime drama simply cannot afford to miss the show and they can purchase the DVD right now at Acorn.

The Murder: Joint Enterprise DVD is not available anywhere else until 11 May 2015, but you can order your copy right now at Acorn DVD and receive it weeks in advance.

Murder Exclusive Pilot Episode DVD

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The Westeros Connection

Joe Dempsie isn’t the only Game of Thrones alumnus to feature in this all new BBC2 drama: prosecuting barrister Stephen Dillane is probably more familiar to viewers as Stannis Baratheon on the hit HBO fantasy show, and the investigation policeman is played by Robert Pugh, who viewers loved to hate as Craster the wildling.

Buy the Pilot Episode of Murder