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The locals might die in their thousands but there’s still life in Midsomer Murders yet. ITV’s most popular crime show is currently entertaining fans with its 17th series, and the eponymous murders are more fantastic and creative than ever.

In this week’s episode, Murder by Magic, every victim pops their clogs due to a faulty magic trick. Spare a thought for illusionist Gideon Latimer -- his PR team won’t know what hit them.

Murder By Magic

Sleuths Barnaby and Nelson will discover that a conflict between the church and the town pagan traditions could be at the heart of these tragic accidents. But in the real world it’s mostly the magicians themselves who kick the bucket.

Here are 10 magicians killed by their own tricks:

10 - Charles Rowen aka “Karr the Mysterious”

Run over by a speeding car while trying to get out of a straight-jacket -- in front of a family audience that included small children.

9 - Madame DeLinsky

Shot by a firing squad of six soldiers in a dramatic supersize of the bullet trick -- except they weren’t all firing blanks. One soldier used a live round.

8 - Benjamin Rucker aka Black Herman

Died of heart attack but was so famous for being buried alive that nobody believed it. Promoters even charged tickets to his funeral on the off-chance that he made an appearance.

7 - Dr Vivian Hensley

Killed by a rusty razor blade which he accidentally swallowed while pretending to swallow it.

6 - Janaka Basnayake

Tried to beat the world record for being buried alive but died before he they dug him back up.

5 - Royden Joseph Gilbert Raison de la Genesta

Drowned in a milk can which was dented and didn’t leave him enough room to escape. Ironically, this made the trick even more popular for other magicians like Houdini since it upped the danger factor.

4 - Jeff Rayburn Hooper

Drowned in Winona Lake while practicing an escape act. Rescuers were unable to reach him due to high winds and he died in just 6 feet of water.

3 - Joseph Burrus aka Amazing Joe

Crushed by seven tons of dirt and cement while trying to complete the only trick that his hero Houdini ever failed: being buried alive. Amazing Joe didn’t even get the chance to attempt the escape that he had been warned was impossible, since enough dirt and cement to outweight an African elephant simply collapsed on top of him.

2 - William Elsworth Robinson aka Chung Ling Soo

Shot by a dirty gun while performing the bullet trick. A build up of gun powder in the dirty ramrod tube was enough to fire the bullet through his chest.

1 - Sigmund Neuberger aka the Great LaFayette

Died in a fire while performing his signature trick; the Lion’s Bride -- but would have escaped if he hadn’t ran back in to save a horse from his show. Several others would have made it out alive too, if the side doors hadn’t been locked since LaFayette didn’t want anybody sneaking into the show.

If you want our advice, keep a safe distance from hazardous illusionists and enjoy all of the Murder by Magic action from home.

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Quite a neat trick -- and one that doesn’t come with a body count.

Buy Midsomer Murders - Murder By Magic DVD