Buy Midsomer Murders Series 17 DVD

Midsomer Murders Series 17, on DVD, won’t hit shelves until 8 June 2015 but fans of the show can get their hands on a copy months early thanks to Acorn DVD.

Acorn has the exclusive early release of the complete series 17 DVD and the store is also offering the box set for a reduced special offer price. Buy now and you’ll get all four new episodes for just £22.99.

In Series 17 of the hit crime drama, Neil Dudgeon returns as Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby and he’s joined once again by his handsome young sidekick, Gwilym Lee’s DS Charlie Nelson.

Midsomer Murders Series 17

More than 300 people have been shadily bumped off in idyllic Midsomer since the show hit screens and the all new series features some of the most thrilling investigations and inventive murders that the villages have ever seen.

Throughout the course of the series one victim will be crushed by an illusionist’s cage and another will be electrocuted by a tampered roulette wheel. Of course, these are just two of the murders which play out across another fun-filled series with

brilliantly high body count.

The Complete Series Seventeen of Midsomer Murders is only available right now from It’s a four disc set which contains The Dagger Club, Murder By Magic, The Ballad of Midsomer County and A Vintage Murder.

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Buy Midsomer Murders Series 17 DVD