You loved Nordic Noir, but are you ready for eco-friendly-scandi-fairytale-horror?


If you’re not, you should be, because Jordskott has arrived and it is pretty great if you ask us.


JordskottJordskott has it all: murder, mystery, creepy scares -- but it doesn’t just introduce us to a new twist on the Nordic Noir genre. It also introduces us to a potential future movie star, and the beauty (or terror) of Swedish forestry.


If Moa Gammel doesn’t find her way to Hollywood, we’ll be very surprised. She’s got the looks and she’s terrific as the detective still reeling from the loss of her daughter years earlier; especially when her current case takes her back to her hometown and into the mysterious forests in which her daughter disappeared.


Of course, those forests are as much a star of the show as any of the fantastic cast, which brings us to our second prediction of the piece? Could the success of this chilling noir tale cause an upturn in tourism to this part of Sweden? Could this be the birth of a new genre -- and a new tourist trail?


Jordskott is now available to buy from the Acorn online store.



With a mystery as difficult to penetrate as the fog which seeps amongst the trees, and a forest seemingly set up as the antagonist of the show, you couldn’t accuse Jordskott of being just another detective drama. It is a different animal, a decidedly creepier one, but if you’re prepared to settle into its devilish delights there is one hell of a show here to be enjoyed.


Better yet, there is a message here too. This isn’t just a fun, genre mash up which unleashes the horrors of Swedish fairytales onto a contemporary world. It’s a show in which corporate greed is punished by the old-testament justice of the woods.

It’s an eco-friendly TV horror. An X-Files with An Inconvenient Truth. Scandi-noir with one eye on it’s carbon footprint. Jordskott is available on DVD right now. Order your copy today.