Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell DVD

Poldark’s pectorals might have left the building but there’s still plenty of magic on BBC One Sunday nights now that Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell are in the house.

The seven-part adaptation of Susanna Clarke’s critically acclaimed novel is underway and while it isn’t destined to be everybody’s cup of tea (forget Game of Thrones’ sand snakes, Jonathan Strange has galloping sand horses) there can be no denying the cinematic size of the spectacle on show.

This is a big-budget special effects spectacular for the superhero movie generation, but with the charm and characterisation of British TV’s ongoing renaissance era.

Sunday nights are prime real estate in TV land right now and quality period drama is the pinnacle that producers aspire to.

Strange and Norrell gives them all the powdered wigs and stage coaches they could hope for but it also brings a healthy dose of supernatural activity to the table.

Chris Harvey, writing in the Telegraph, called the show “Harry Potter for Grown Ups” after viewing the first episode. He also credited the director Toby Haynes, for giving one spectacular SFX set-piece “a large-scale cinematic treatment”.

Of course, Harvey did express reservations about the supposed “childishness” of a show featuring magicians, good versus evil and talking statues, but what, we ask, is wrong with imbuing Sunday nights with a healthy dose of fantasy and imagination?

Nick Horton at the popular pop culture site, Den of Geek, called the show “the best UK fantasy in years”. But he didn’t stop there; likening Strange and Norrell to Wolf Hall, Peaky Blinders, Broadchurch and many more examples of British TV’s renaissance before claiming that the magical new show could top them all.

It certainly has the pedigree to back up those assertions with the ever reliable Eddie Marsan as Norrell and award winning stage thespian Bertie Carvel as Strange. They are supported by Marc Warren, Charlotte Riley, Alice Englert, Samuel West, Paul Kaye and Enzo Cilenti.

Now that’s a list of British talent to keep us coming back for more and if the first few episodes are anything to go by, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell will have you doing that too.

The Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell DVD won’t be released until 29th July but you can pre-order your copy right now at Acorn DVD. Click here to find out more.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell DVD