In The Club DVD

Kay Mellor is back with an all new drama about one of life’s age old rites of passage: pregnancy.

In The Club stars Hermione Norris, Katherine Parkinson and Jill Halfpenny, alongside a number of other famous faces and exciting newcomers. The show follows the lives of six pregnant women and their partners who meet at a parent craft meeting.

Fans of Call the Midwife or Mellor’s previous hits (The Syndicate, Fat Friends) will love the beebs new drama and they can soon get their hands on the official DVD.

With the series drawing to a close on BBC One next week, fans can pre-order their copy of In the Club on DVD right now from the Acorn online store. You might even receive your copy of the DVD before the official release date of 22 September.

One review of the show referred to a cast of “ordinary people” who made “extraordinary drama”. But who are the girls, and guys, of In The Club? And what do viewers have in store?


In The Club DVD

Diane and Rick - Jill Halfpenny and Will Mellor

At the heart of In The Club is an all-too common story of a couple struggling to cope financially with a growing family. But after being married for ten years in the knowledge that they were unable to conceive, Diane and Rick will do anything for their ‘miracle baby’. In Rick’s case, unfortunately, that means taking drastic measures.

Jasmine and Dev - Taj Atwal and Sasha Devan

Like many young first time mothers, Jasmine is struggling from chronic morning sickness; not to mention swollen ankles, piles and the rest. Perhaps a bigger problem is her new found aversion to the smell of curry, which is a problem since husband Dev works in a curry house. Now Jasmine can’t stand for him to come near her. Will their relationship survive her pregnancy?

Roanna and Simon - Hermione Norris and Luke Thomson

As if expecting a baby wasn’t enough, 40-something Roanna is also battling through a divorce settlement with her ex-husband and business partner. Thank heavens then for the new man in her life, Simon. The 27 year old art graduate might not have her ex’s money, but Roanna is adamant that they can cope without it. It all depends on how much longer she can stand to live in Simon’s student flat alongside his stoner roommate, Ed.

Kim, Susie and Neil - Katherine Parkinson, Tara Fitzgerald and Jonathon Kerrigan

Kim is expecting a child with her partner Susie while blogging about her pregnancy. Navigating the complications of same sex parenting might be difficult enough, but Susie’s 15 year son is already a problem and as if that wasn’t enough, the sperm donor for Kim’s baby is Jude’s biological father, Neil. Her problems, however, seem to pale in comparison to one of her readers, who reaches out to Kim under the username ‘Fifteen and Frightened’.

Rosie - Hannah Medley

Fifteen and frightened is actually called Rosie and reaches out to Kim in a panic about her unexpected teenage pregnancy. So far she has managed to keep the situation from her struggling, widowed dad and the baby’s father too. But she won’t be able to keep this secret forever. In fact, it’s almost out.

Vicky - Christine Bottomley

Vicky meanwhile is the midwife who oversees the parent craft class at which the ladies meet. She has coached more women through their labours than it would be possible to count but now Vicky is pregnant herself, and she’s terrified by the prospect.

Unmarried Vicky always thought she’d have the same picture-book family as her parent and an unplanned pregnancy leaves her with a deadline to get married before the little one arrives.

In The Club DVD

In The Club is released on 22 September but you can pre-order your copy right now at Acorn DVD.

In The Club DVD