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The latest pretender to Downton Abbey’s crown arrived last week but the first episode of Indian Summers suggested that the new ensemble period drama could be so much more.

A major new drama set against the grandeur of the Himalayas and the tea plantations of Northern India, Indian Summers recounts the dramatic last years of the British Empire in India.

One thing that becomes immediately apparent upon viewing the first episode, which aired on Channel 4 this past Sunday, is that Indian Summers is shot even more beautifully than the global phenomenon that is Downton.

While some snarky viewers have criticised the Downton Abbey writing, and others seem to spend their time looking for anachronisms than enjoying the plot, few could deny that the show looks fantastic. But Indian Summers goes even further, presenting viewers with a vivid recreation of thirties India that is bursting with colour and beauty.

Indian Summers

Considering the show is set at such a combustible moment in history, it doesn’t hide behind its sumptuous visuals either. It brings a grit and edge to Sunday nights which couldn’t be said for its predecessors. Episode one brought us brushes with the police, train accidents and more than enough raunchiness. But that was far from all, of course.

The show might be a period drama but in so many ways it is thoroughly contemporary television. Viewers were treated to interesting, multi-faceted female characters like Jemima West’s Alice Whelan. They were also given Indian characters that didn’t feel tokenistic but thoroughly believable and most importantly conflicted, and human. Nikesh Patel’s civil service clerk, Aafrin Dalal, was a particular highlight -- and as the clamour for an independent India grows in conviction, it is clear that his character, in particular, will have some difficult decisions to make.

We can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Meanwhile viewers who are already sold on this breathtaking show can pre-order their copy of the official DVD today at The 3 disc set won’t hit the shelves until April 2015, but Acorn shoppers can pre-order their copy today, for a reduced special offer price.

Buy Indian Summers DVD