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You might have missed the news that comedy icon Vic Reeves filmed an episode of Inspector George Gently which is set to hit screens this year. But he’s not the first famous face to travel back in time for the popular crime procedural.

From funny men and soap stars to action men and pop stars, George Gently has been joined by plenty of famous actors and actresses over the years. Here are some of our favourites, in no particular order:

Denise Welch

Popular actress and TV personality Denise Welch is as famous for acting in popular shows like Waterloo Road and Coronation Street and she is for being herself in Loose Women. She played Susan in the thrilling first episode of Inspector George Gently Series 7.

Roger Lloyd Pack

The wonderfully versatile character actor died last year and was celebrated for a wonderfully diverse career, though he will always be best known as Trigger in Only Fools and Horses. He played Hector Blackstone in a Series 5 episode about Gently’s dealings with some suspicious aristocrats.

Pixie Lott

Pop princess Pixie Lott does more than crank out hit songs, and played an entertainer at a holiday resort in the show last year. Her other screen credits include the horrendous comedy Fred: The Movie, which somehow spawned the equally horrible Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred. She did at least give Fred 3: Camp Fred a wide berth.

Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage is one of the latest Brit actors to make the leap to big screen fame, as the heroic Thorin in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy. But Armitage was there where it all began for George Gently, playing a character called Ricky Deeming, in an episode which saw Gently ponder retirement.

Charlotte Riley

She might have starred alongside Tom Cruise in last year’s brilliant Edge of Tomorrow, but Charlotte is still best known for her stellar work on the small screen in shows like Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, Peaky Blinders and Wuthering Heights. Her role as Carmel O’Shaughnessy on Gently was amongst her first screen credits.

Neil Morrissey

While he might have amassed a number of drama credits in a wonderful career, Neil Morrissey will always be best known for making us laugh which he did most successfully in Men Behaving Badly, as dopey Tony. Interestingly, that was his name on Gently too, although the murder of a schoolgirl is certainly no laughing matter.

Ralph Brown

Cambridge born actor Brown has enjoyed hugely successful career in TV and film on both sides of the Atlantic, but he will always be known for his unforgettable turn as Danny the drug dealer in the cult classic movie Withnail and I. He played the wonderfully named Melvyn Rattigan in Series 5 of the show.

Mark Gatiss

The former funny man from the League of Gentlemen breathed iconic new life into Sherlock Holmes, as writer of the popular BBC series. He also played his brother Mycroft in the show, but that wasn’t his only experience of playing alongside a super sleuth. He played the adopted father of a kidnapped child in Gently Series 5.

Helen Baxendale

Mark’s wife in that episode was played by Helen Baxendale, who also makes our list thanks to her body of TV credits, which include the classic dramedy Cold Feet. She will always be remembered, however, for her brief but memorable supporting role on the greatest ever American sitcom, Friends.

Mark Williams

Another funny man who made the list, Mark Williams was one of the stars of sketch comedy The Fast Show and has been busy ever since, not least when playing the part time sleuth Father Brown in his very own crime series. He played Joe Bishop in an episode of George Gently from 2009.

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