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It’s the US version of a UK telly phenomenon, but how will Gracepoint fare with viewers on this side of the Atlantic? We’ll find out soon enough because ITV has just announced that Gracepoint is coming to our screens in April.

American TV network Fox knew a good thing when they saw it. They took the basic plot of the multi-award winning Broadchurch and upped sticks to a small town on the California coast. They replaced Olivia Colman with Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn, but took David Tennant along for the ride; although DI Hardy is now known as the American Emmett Carver.


That isn’t the only big change to take place. Rather than produce a complete re-tread of the popular mystery, producers changed the ending. Which means who you think is the killer may no longer the killer, and it could be any of the other suspects all over again.

In fact, while Gracepoint wasn’t the ratings smash in the US that its predecessor was in the UK, most TV writers claim that the remake has the far superior ending. Why not investigate further?

Gracepoint co-stars Jackie Weaver (Silver Lining’s Playbook) and Nick Nolte (everything). It is created by Chris Chibnall, the genius behind Broadchurch Series 1, 2 and soon to be 3.

The show hits screens in April, while the official Gracepoint DVD is set to arrive in June, but telly addicts can pre-order their copy right now at Acorn DVD. They can also get their hands on the incredible original series and give themselves a chance to win a signed Broadchurch cast photo.

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