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There’s life in the old dog yet…but how much?

Michael Kitchen will return to Foyle’s War in 2015 for three more thrilling two-hour films. The good news is that author and screenwriter Anthony Horowitz says the new episodes are his best work. The bad news is they’ll be his last. This could well be the end of Foyle’s War

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Of course, this won’t be the first time Christopher Foyle has stared into the abyss. The show was actually cancelled in 2007 by ITV’s Director of Programmes Simon Shaps. Still, you can’t keep a good man down and the show was revived by Shaps’ successor Peter Fincham, after myriad complaints and more than enough public demand.

It remains to be seen whether that demand can convince Mr Horowitz to strap himself back into a desk chair and get to work on a tenth series. Either way, one thing’s for sure: if this is the end of Foyle’s War, it’s been one hell of a ride.

From the Second World War to the Cold War, the quiet, methodical former Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle has been doing his utmost to uphold the law and bring bad guys to justice amidst one of the most turbulent periods in British and global history.

In Series 9, the former copper even gives James Bond a run for his money, after being enlisted by MI5. Foyle’s always wanted to join the intelligence service and Series 9 is all about being careful what you wish for. Our hero finds himself in a world where nobody is what they seem and nobody can be trusted…apart from Sam Stewart that is.

Foyles War Foyles War

Honeysuckle Weeks is also back for Foyle’s War Series 9; it wouldn’t really be Foyle’s War without her.

The big question, however, is whether Kitchen and Weeks might return without their head honcho for a 10th series. It certainly seems like Horowitz is done with the series. Earlier this year, he told the Radio Times:

“Nothing is ever certain – and Foyle’s War can always return without me – but I think this series will be my last. I’ve written 22 episodes. That’s an awful lot of crimes, clues, bodies, suspects, mysteries and chases.”

In a bid to freshen up the concept, the writer made the shrewd decision to up sticks from Hastings and take the action to London. That might be cause for concern amongst a section of Foyle’s War die-hards, but Horowitz thinks the show benefits from a move to the big city.

Foyles War Foyles War

“Although it’s dangerous to say it – the audience will decide for themselves – I think this series is my best work. I’ve loved exploring this labyrinthine world, the feeling of early John Le Carré. As sad as I was to say goodbye to Hastings (and with it Sergeant Milner, gallantly played by Anthony Howell), I think the move into London and espionage galvanised all of us.

“In other words, it might be best to quit while we’re ahead. We’ll see.”

Would you be sad to say a second goodbye to Christopher Foyle? Would the show be the same without Horowitz? Let us know how you feel; and while you wait to discover the character’s fate, why not pre order your copy of Foyle’s Ware Series 8 (the new series 9 on TV) from Acorn DVD.

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