If you’re looking for holiday inspiration, you should check out ‘Young Montalbano’ and ‘A Place to Call Home’.

 Set in delectable sun-drenched Sicily in the fictional town of Vigata, ‘Inspector Montalbano’ follows Salvo, a detective who has a passion for fine food and invites you into a world of close-knit families, deception and murder.  The programme is based on the novels and short stories of Andrea Camilleri and shows the popular detective in his youth who, in time, will become the older and wiser character we know and love. I defy you not to fall in love with the beautiful Sicilian setting and mouth-watering cuisine.

young monty

 If Italy is a little too close to home, then perhaps you may find rural Australia more appealing? ‘A Place to Call Home’ is a period drama set in the fictional town of Inverness in New South Wales where we are treated to rolling green pastures and cottage-style gardens. Set in the 1950s, the programme follows nurse Sarah Adams who returns to Australia after 20-years in Europe and is guaranteed to sweep you away. 

A Place to Call Home

 You can catch series 2 of ‘Young Montalbano’ on BBC4 Saturday evenings. ‘A Place to Call Home’ airs weekdays on BBC2 at 3pm.

 Are you watching these programmes? Would you rather visit Vigata or Inverness?  Let me know in the comments.