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Did you know that only one retailer in the world is offering The Fall Series 2 & The Missing on Blu-Ray & DVD in time for Christmas?

Both of these hit shows will be available online from Acorn DVD, just as soon as their last episodes have aired on TV (16 December for The Missing & 18 December for The Fall Series 2).

The Fall DVD The Missing DVD

Neither will hit shelves, or any other online store, until 26 December which means that shoppers won’t be able to purchase either release for friends and family as a Christmas gift; unless they buy it from Acorn DVD at a reduced special offer price. They’re just two of the amazing exclusives currently available at Acorn DVD.

Every year, Acorn DVD offer shoppers the chance to get a major head-start with the latest Blu-Ray and DVD releases. This year, two shows in particular have raised the bar for British TV drama; and that bar was already high.

The Fall Series 2 picked up directly where the last series left off, with unlikely serial murderer Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan) unable to leave behind his complicated double life… and brilliant but unorthodox detective Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) hot on his trail.

The Fall Series 2 The Fall Series 2 The Fall Series 2

Fans and fawning TV writers wondered how creator Alan Cubitt could keep the tension ramped up and surprise us again and again, without losing the grounded and gritty tone of the first series but series 2 has proven just as compelling as the first, if not even more.

The Missing has been called this year’s Broadchurch. It’s a very flattering comparison since Broadchurch is one of the best British shows of all time, but it’s also a comparison which doesn’t do The Missing justice. This isn’t a retread, or repeat of a winning formula, this is a stunning heart in mouth drama with a power-house turn from James Nesbitt at the centre.

The Missing The Missing The Missing

Fans of Great British telly would delight at unwrapping either of these excellent Blu-Ray or DVD releases on Christmas morning, but there’s only one place to get them in time.

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The Fall DVD's The Missing DVD's