John Travolta, Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey) and Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire) star in Jackie Earle Haley’s directorial debut which follows four friends who find themselves in over their heads when a bad investment causes them to owe crime boss Eddie (John Travolta) $400,000 dollars. Eddie says he is prepared to wipe the slate clean if they can kidnap and hold a family member of a rival kingpin for 24 hours.


 Criminal Activities Out Now


Full of witty dialogue which is reminiscent of Tarrantino and some superb performances – Dan Stevens proves his acting prowess in a role which is a million miles away from Matthew Crawley, it’s definitely worth cancelling your plans for a night in, don’t forget the popcorn!



" Featuring self-consciously quirky dialogue, digressive subplots and flashbacks and a twisty ending so complex it makes The Usual Suspectsseem straightforward, Criminal Activities is practically criminal in its derivativeness." - Hollywood Reporter

"An outrageously byzantine plot orchestrated around a big twist ending. " - Variety

"It doesn’t feel like a mere imitation; it has too much wit and too many striking performances for that." - New York Times

"Criminal Activities is a smart, witty, enjoyable gangster romp" - DVD Compare


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