Coast Series 9 DVD

There are still a few days in which to purchase your copy of Coast Series 9 on DVD from Acorn before it hits shelves on 25 August. Since the show wrapped this week, we’ve put together a little rundown of what the team uncovered this time around.

Coast Series 9 DVD

Coast is a popular factual programme in which a team of windbreaker wearing presenters explore the coastline of the United Kingdom and beyond; uncovering maritime marvels and telling breathtaking historical tales. Nick Crane calls the shots and he’s joined in Coast Series 9 by the likes of Miranda Krestovnikoff, Andy Torbet and Tessa Dunlop.

In amongst their various explorations, viewers are treated to an embarrassment of visual riches, as aerial cinematographers soar over all that the British coastline has to offer. But what were they soaring over this series, in particular? Here is an example of some of the treats in store.

Coast Series 9 DVD

Coast Series 9

Episode 1 - The Channel

The team kick things off by examining stories on both sides of the channel. Main man Nick Crane heads to Mont St Michel, calling it “a timeless haven betwixt sea and sky”. Elsewhere, there’s a moving firsthand account of life as a nurse on D-Day, while Mark Horton investigates the Gallic origins of the ordinance survey.

Episode 2 - Secret Paths to Hidden Treasure

This time out Nick revisits Cape Wrath to visit his favourite beach. The area is the most north-westerly point of mainland UK and was once home to Britain’s smallest school. Ruth Goodman, meanwhile investigates the Victorian obsession with ferns and how the craze drove genteel women to risk life and limb on the perilous sea cliffs of Devon.

Episode 3 - The Explorers’ Coast

It’s all about great explorers in episode 3. Nick takes to the sea in a replica of the UK’s oldest known boat and tells the tale of the first sailor to travel around Britain more than two thousand years ago. Mark uncovers tales of Lachlan MacQuarie and his hand in the birth of Australia, while Tess Dunlop discusses the birth of an American holiday. Did you know that Thanksgiving was inspired by the Dutch?

Episode 4 - Offshore

The show is called Coast but episode 4 sees Nick Crane moving away from it. He’s crossing the Atlantic to find out why so many Scots upped sticks to Nova Scotia two centuries ago. Back on our shores Tessa is in Rugby to discuss the Falklands War and Miranda Krestovnikoff is in the Outer Hebrides in search of Britain’s oldest puffin.

Episode 5 - Sea and the City

Mr Crane is up a crane in episode 5. He’s at the port of Immingham which might not be as well know as Liverpool or Bristol but does now handle more tons of cargo than any other port in the land. The team are in Liverpool, however, as a young free-runner turns the famous docks into a canvas for acrobatic slow-mo art. Mark tells us the story of longitude and Ruth Goodman talks about the history of syphilis.

Episode 6 - Winter

Last time out, Nick was in a sombre mood, revisiting the tragedy of the Penlee lifeboat crew who lost their lives while attempting a cargo ship rescue in mountainous seas. Elsewhere, Neil Oliver gets to go behind the scenes of the Viking Fire Festival in the Shetland Isles and Andy Torbet finds out why a feral flock of sheep battle to the death every winter.


The Coast Series 9 DVD is released on 25 August 2014, but Acorn customers can purchase their exclusive early copy today.

Coast Series 9 DVD