BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are has proven to be one of television’s most popular shows, and you can now purchase Who Do You Think You Are Series 7 on DVD from Acorn Media.

Last night’s episode of hit BBC documentary Who Do You Think You Are featured Harry Potter creator JK Rowling and cast a powerful spell over audiences with viewing figures which dwarfed all of the competition, even the outrageously popular teeny-bopper smooch-fest Twilight.

The 2nd episode of series 8 of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ led the way with viewing figures of 6.13m viewers tuning to find out more about the Potter author; whose books sell even more wildly than their leading competition, the Twilight series, on which the vampire/werewolf love triangle movie was based.

That film made its network premiere on Channel 4 last night but failed to draw audiences away from Rowling and co’s investigations into their colourful and interesting family trees. With just 2.18m viewers tuning, you’d be forgiven for thinking that JK Rowling had cast an invisibility spell over the popular Hollywood blockbuster. But Twilight was not the only broadcast to suffer from the popularity of Who Do You Think You Are?

ITV’s popular detective drama Lewis drew in just 3m viewers, less than half the numbers of the BBC show, and nobody else could touch it either. This illustrates the immense popularity which ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ currently enjoys.

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