After 15 series, over 80 episodes and over 200 murders DCI Tom Barnaby finally enters retirement after tonight’s episode Fit for Murder. It will be an emotional goodbye for not only Midsomer Murders millions of fans but also John Nettles who has played the laidback detective for 14 years.


John Nettles final episode sees DCI Tom Barnaby, with his birthday approaching, reluctantly accompanying Joyce on a spa weekend to Swavely Manor. But as Barnaby attempts to relax a woman is found dead in the floatation chamber. Abandoning the treatment to investigate, Barnaby uncovers a feud between neighbours, money wrangles and the mystery of a half-written novel. After another gruesome discovery, the truth gradually emerges. With the net closing in on the killer, all Barnaby has to worry about is his birthday party, retirement and welcoming his cousin DCI John Barnaby to Causton Police Station.


The end for John Nettles is however not the end for Midsomer Murders as experienced TV actor Neil Dungeon replaces john Nettles as his cousin DCI John Barnaby. Neil Dungeon was introduced as DCI John Barnaby in an earlier episode “The Sword of Guillaume” however for those with a longer memory may remember Neil from an episode from 2000 “The Garden of Death” where he played Daniel Bolt.


This little issue will hardly cause any concern to the producers or the fans of Midsomer Murders as one of its most likeable qualities is that although the bodies pile up at an even quicker rate than the average TV Detective series it has always been lauded by fans for its tongue in cheek entertainment value above anything else.


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