Acorn Media UK have announced they will be releasing the DVD of the brand new series from the team that brought you the Victorian Farm series.


Following the huge success of the Victorian Farm series, the same intrepid team are faced with a brand new set of challenges as they are forced to get to grips with the trials and tribulations of life, this time on an Edwardian Farm.


Archaeologists Alex LanglandsPeter Ginn and domestic historian Ruth Goodman will return to front Edwardian Farm, spending a full year delving into Britain's rural heritage.


They will make their home in a stunning new location, exploring the challenges posed by the British countryside at a time of great change and tumult; a time when farming was becoming increasingly mechanised at home, and abroad the world was moving gradually towards war.


As in the first series, the action will be based primarily on the farm, but the new setting will also allow the team to explore wider aspects of the working countryside, including rivers and coasts, boat-building, mining, fishing and market gardening.


The DVD will be released soon after the series has been broadcast on the BBC.


In the meantime Acorn Media have all the latest DVD’s from the Victorian Farm series which can be purchased from their website including the very latest release Victorian Farm Christmas, a perfect seasonal gift which uncovers the origins of the modern Christmas festive rituals.


In the Victorian Farm Christmas the clocks have been turned back once again as Ruth, Peter and Alex work long hard hours to uncover the mystery and the magic of what will become a Victorian Farm Christmas.


To see the full list of titles in the Victorian Series go to the Acorn Media UK website