AVAILABLE FOR the first time, Waterloo Road: The Complete Series Four is coming to DVD exclusively early from Acorn Media before a general release later in the year.


Previously only available in Autumn and Spring Term box sets, Series Four has now been brought together in one collectable six disc set for fans of this compelling drama.


In this series, Waterloo Road hits the ground running with an explosive ninety-minute special that paves the way for all that’s to come.  The arrival of the Kelly family brings enormous change and upheaval to Waterloo Road as love and violence, passion and outrage bring the school to the very brink of extinction.


A new sports teacher sees the potential in Bolton and intends to bring out that potential in the boxing ring – unfortunately at any cost.  A new Head of Extended Services comes on board, but maybe for all the wrong reasons. She soon finds herself caught up between Head Teacher Rachel Mason and Deputy Head Eddie Lawson.


Teacher Kim Campbell returns from Rwanda with a new baby which seems to be attracting more than the usual attention. Steph Haydock, heart in the right place, is there to help – but is that really a good idea?


The classrooms are bursting with misguided energy as Maxine finds herself in love with trouble, in a relationship that promises to end badly, and Janeece takes the influence of a glamour model too much to heart.  Meanwhile Chlo has to face any doubts she has about impending motherhood;


For everyone at Waterloo Road, this looks like being one of the most rewarding and the most punishing of times they’ve ever experienced.


Waterloo Road: The Complete Series Four on DVD, with special features including Autumn and Spring term scrapbooks and more.


Review of Waterloo Road:

 “A Solid A+ - Top of the Class” - TV Times