The final episode of the latest series of Foyle’s War will be screened on ITV on Sunday the 25th April. The new episode will see the newly retired Foyle battles to save a young man accused of high treason from the executioner’s noose, in a case that will shatter his personal world to the core.


The latest series has been marked by the continued success of Foyle’s War with the viewers as the first episode The Russian House had 6m viewers (22.9% share) and last Sunday’s episode Killing Time having 6.2m viewers (23.8% share).


The reviews have also been very positive, highlighting the unique appeal of the show that seems almost at odds with the rest of the TV schedule that surrounds it.


“In this fast, action-packed, multitasking world, it's wonderful to step back into a time when the pace of life was slower, and trust and security valued over acquisition and aspiration”

The Guardian


“Episodes unfold beautifully, like schoolroom wartime picture books of history.......smashing stuff, welcome back, Foyle.”

News & Star


As the series draws to a close it’s becoming more and more likely that Foyle’s War will see more episodes produced and a source confirmed to the Mirror newspaper that “ITV are talking to Anthony Horowitz and Greenlit Productions about further ideas with Foyle possibly getting involved in The Cold War”


One must think ITV will be keen to commission a further series, especially after cancelling it in 2008 caused such a public outcry, as The Telegraph notes “A viewers’ revolution as quietly effective as the show itself forced the channel’s senior management to cancel the cancellation.”


Whatever the future for Foyle’s War holds its legions of fans can at least look forward to this Sundays series finale where Foyle is finally given a date when he can relinquish his post as Detective Chief Superintendent, but when he spots a headline about a member of a distinguished local family sentenced to hang for treason, he realises that he might have one last case to explore.


The final episode of the series stars Michael Kitchen, Honeysuckle Weeks, Andrew Scott, Kirsty Besterman, and David Yelland. 


The DVD of the latest series is available from 26th April and can be ordered from Acorn Media UK now.