TO CELEBRATE 35 years since its original broadcast, Acorn Media is delighted to announce the digitally re-mastered release of one of the great British TV comedy classics The Good Life.


Starring a cast of outstanding British acting talent including Richard Briers, Felicity Kendal, Penelope Keith and Paul Eddington this is the comedy series that put organic foods, self-sufficiency and green thinking on the map years before anyone else.


The Good Life will be released throughout 2010 for the first time ever in series order.  The first release, The Good Life Complete Series One, comes as a fantastic two-disc set, exclusively until 29 March 2010 courtesy of Acorn Media.


You will be able to purchase the second series exclusively early from Acorn Media in May and it’s now available for pre-order at Acorn Media’s website. The second series DVD also includes a rare new interview with Richard Briers in the special features.


In case anyone needs reminding the plot revolves around a drastic change of lifestyle on Tom Good (Briers) 40th birthday when he decides he’s had enough of the daily grind. He packs in his job and convinces his wife Barbara (Kendal) that they should become self-sufficient.


Overnight they convert their suburban garden into a farm for organic living, complete with crops, pigs and chickens and homemade beer, much to the disapproval of their snooty neighbour Margo (Keith) and her henpecked husband Jerry (Eddington).


Created by John Esmonde and Bob Larbey, the programme ran for four series from 1975-1978. Its popularity has rarely waned and it was voted ninth best sitcom of all time in a BBC poll. Unique in its vision, and a truly brilliant British sitcom, The Good Life is entertainment at its finest.


What the reviewers say:


“The mere mention of this series name is likely to bring a very large smile to the faces of British sitcom fans, for 'The Good Life' is one of the few series that is considered a true classic.”


“Their wonderful acting coupled with exceptional scripts make The Good Life such an entertaining, timeless classic.”