The nice long summer has finally finished as the country is battered by colder, wetter, winder weather. It was my birthday last week and normally the weather is good but this year it was cooler and wet, still managed to get out for a long walk through the woods with our dog and the cold weather made the pub at the end of the walk even more welcoming and warmer!


I do love this time of year for the beautiful colours of the leaves on the trees, the fresh crisp mornings, conkers, chestnuts and the chance to snug up in the evenings watching some great TV. During the summer months I feel a bit guilty about watch TV whilst the nice weather is with us but come autumn I don’t and I can catch up on all the TV that I’ve been saving up on my TV Box.


I recently watched the New Tricks series when it was on TV and although I wasn’t sure about the cast shuffle in this series I actually found that the line up worked brilliantly well and at the end of the series thought it was the strongest one so far. Nicholas Lyndhurst is a perfect replacement for Alun Armstrong and his character is even more particular about details and fact than Brian! Tazmin Outhwaite joined as DCI Sasha Miller after Sandra Pullman decides it’s time for a new challenge, Sasha’s character has a lot going on with her personal life and questions why she was chosen to take over the role, but after 2 episodes it’s clear that she’s the right woman for the job.

 New Tricks Series 10

One series that I’m really looking forward to is The Tunnel which is due to start airing on Sky Atlantic this week (16/10) The Tunnel is a thriller from the makers of Broadchurch, Kudos, which said the series was one of its “biggest and most ambitious” so far. Set against the backdrop of Europe in crisis, it stars Stephen Dillane (Games of Thrones) and Clémence Poésy (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, 1&2) who investigate the death of a prominent French politician on behalf of their respective countries. I’ve watched the trailers and this looks simply brilliant, I can’t wait.

The Tunnel


The other series that I’m looking forward to catching up on is Inspector Montalbano – Collection Six. This is currently the last series made starring Luca Zingaretti in the role of the Inspector but we are all hoping that they will make some more as when it was recently shown in Italy it was their biggest rating show ever. We are getting the DVD authored and manufactured at the moment and the finished DVD stock is due into our warehouse at the beginning of December so I think I’ll wait and watch the DVD. We will be sending this out to customers as soon as the stock is at the warehouse which will be Exclusively early as it can’t be purchased from anyone else until next April!

 Montalbano Collection Six

Keep warm and enjoy the brilliant new drama on TV and DVD.