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Raffles The Complete Collection

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  • Raffles The Complete Collection
  • Raffles The Complete Collection

Raffles The Complete Collection

The Complete Series

Quick Overview

Anthony Valentine stars as the debonair A.J. Raffles who is constantly in demand as a house guest on English country estates at the turn of the century. What his hosts don't realise is that Raffles is also an accomplished jewel thief and safe-cracker.
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Raffles is young, handsome, popular with the ladies and moves in the best social circles in turn-of-the-century England. He’s in constant demand as a house guest at some of the grandest country estates and the darling of the cricketing fraternity. But little do his social friends realise, he’s also an accomplished burglar and safe-cracker.Anthony Valentine and Christopher Strauli star in this adaptation of E W Hornung's celebrated stories.


Episode Guide


1. The First Step 

In the first episode of this highly enjoyable drama series, adapted from E W Hornung's popular stories, Bunny Manders seeks out the hero of his school days, Mr. A.J. Raffles after numerous years of being apart, and once again, one of the great partnerships of all time is forged.


2. A Costume Piece

Raffles and Bunny continue their burglary partnership in this second episode. This time they are targeting Reuben Rosenthall. He is an unattractive, self-made millionaire, which naturally makes him an obvious target for Raffles, with, or without his partner Bunny.


3. The Spoils Of Sacrilege

The third episode sees the unlikely couple furthering their adventures even more. Raffles seems more experienced in this particular line of work, and so knows when to expect the unexpected. However, poor Bunny is still a comparative innocent.


4. The Gold Cup

The continuing saga of Raffles and Bunny and their criminal partnership sees Raffles giving the police, society and the Criminologists Club more than a sporting chance in this episode. He sets out to prove, very conclusively, that he is not the audacious thief that they are trying to track down.


5. Chest Of Silver

In this the firth episode, the tension builds between the two partners. Bunny knows and appreciates that Raffles breaks all sorts of laws all of the time. However, he just wishes that sometimes Raffles would tell him exactly which law is about to break and why.


6. The Last Laugh

Continuing of the saga of the jewel thieves, Raffles can never seem to resist a challenge or an appeal to his gallantry. However this time, a combination of the two leads him into deadly danger.


7. A Trap To Catch A Cracksman

In the seventh episode of the series, Raffles' pride in his amateur status as a sportsman is damaged. He is determined to seek revenge. When his partner Bunny is sober, he can be an essential asset and a form of assistance, however, when he is not so sober.


8. To Catch A Thief

Raffles is horrified to discover that he has an impersonator and, in turn, a rival. Sometimes impersonation is a subtle affair, simply like assuming another man's style. However in this instance, somewhere in the region of Mayfair, there seems to be another Raffles. The real Raffles is certainly not happy...


9. A Bad Night

Raffles takes a break from his usual antics to take on the Australian test cricketers in Manchester. As a result, Bunny goes a-burgling on his own. However neither of the aspiring criminals have considered or allowed for the intervention of Netje, who is both enchantingly pretty and enchantingly rich. What effect will she have on our heroes?


10. Mr Justice Raffles

Raffles returns to what he knows best, the art of stealing. He comes across an unscrupulous money lender, and not liking this new character's ways of business, he decides that justice must be done. However, it is going to be his kind of justice.


11. Home Affairs

An unusual opportunity for Raffles arises. He is given the chance to take on not just the Home Secretary, but also Scotland Yard and his arch enemy Inspector MacKenzie at the same time. And so obviously the challenge is irresistible to our hero. However, it becomes a little unfortunate that when it comes to improvisation, his partner Bunny has quite a lot to learn.


12. The Gift Of The Emperor

In this second to last episode of the series, Raffles decides to take a hand in the arts of international politics. Not wanting to disappoint, naturally, an interest is not the only thing that he takes.


13. An Old Flame

In this, the final episode of the popular series, Raffles discovers that he has met his match. Lady Paulton is a rich, beautiful, eager and determined young woman. There is certainly no escape this time. Could Raffles' time as a jewel thief finally be up?

Additional Information

Sub Name The Complete Series
Duration (mins) 708
Certificate PG
No. of Discs 4
Format DVD Region 2 (Europe)
Genre Drama
Author ITV Studios Home Entertainment
Video No