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Wild At Heart - Series 7

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  • Wild At Heart - Series 7
  • Wild At Heart - Series 7
  • Wild At Heart - Series 7
  • Wild At Heart - Series 7
  • Wild At Heart - Series 7
  • Wild At Heart - Series 7
  • Wild At Heart - Series 7
  • Wild At Heart - Series 7
  • Wild At Heart - Series 7

Wild At Heart

Complete Series 7

Quick Overview

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Danny Trevanion finds his wife and unborn baby away in the UK while he and DuPlessis struggle to survive in a world without Leopard’s Den.
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Wild At Heart Series 7 sees Danny Trevanion’s (Stephen TompkinsonBallykissangel) wife and unborn baby away in the UK while he and Anders DuPlessis (Deon StewardsonLethal Woman) struggle to survive in a world without Leopard’s Den. The corrupt developer Christian Peeters (David Butler Life Is Wild) has disappeared, and only Danny and Anders know that he may have been murdered.


But when an opportunity to buy Leopard’s Den and Mara comes up, they find themselves in an unlikely partnership with the Big Five’s Ed Lynch (Robert Bathurst Cold Feet).


Nothing goes smoothly or as expected, and with Danny’s impending fatherhood calling him halfway around the world the struggle is as great as ever to ensure the integrity of the Trevanions isn’t compromised no matter how hard life proves when you’re Wild At Heart.


Starring: Stephen Tompkinson, Dawn Steele, Robert Bathurst, Jill Halfpenny, Lucy-Jo Hudson, Olivia Scott-Taylor, Deon Stewardson and Hayley Mills


Created by: Ashley Pharoah


Written by: Ashley Pharoah, Chris Murray, Jack Williams, Liz Lake, Niall Leonard, Jeff Povey


Episode Guide


Episode 1

Following the devastating loss of their home, Danny and Du Plessis are desperate to raise enough money for a fresh start. However when Danny is pushed to breaking point, Du Plessis fears his friend has done something unthinkable.


Episode 2

Du Plessis is haunted by his belief that Danny is a murderer, and the friendship between the two men is tested to its limit. Meanwhile, the family return and are shocked to find that their new home is falling apart and a mysterious illness is affecting the animals.


Episode 3

Danny has found a potential lifeline for them all, but his plans are destroyed by the re-appearance of his old enemy Ed Lynch. Du Plessis is determined to do whatever it takes to prevent the sale of Leopard’s Den, but there are disastrous consequences when he involves lions in his plans.


Episode 4

Caroline is furious at Danny’s betrayal of Du Plessis but has plans to change the situation with the help of a familiar face from the past. However when a bush fire spirals out of control, there are devastating consequences for the entire family.


Episode 5

The family fear that Du Plessis is having a nervous breakdown when he starts to believe that he’s being haunted by the ghost of Peeters. Danny and Ed make a rash decision during an animal rescue that endangers everything they’ve been working towards.


Episode 6

Danny is in prison, accused of murder, but Du Plessis is determined to prove his friend’s innocence by any means he can. Ed’s increasingly suspicious behaviour makes Du Plessis think that he is harbouring a dark secret.


Episode 7

Du Plessis and Ed have to put aside their differences and work together when Ed makes a rash decision that could ruin them. But when the situation spirals out of control, the whole family are drawn into keeping a secret from Danny.


Episode 8

When a mystery woman arrives, claiming to be Ed’s wife, the family are shocked – they didn’t even know Ed had a wife! Meanwhile Rosie makes a shocking link between some seemingly unrelated animal deaths.


Episode 9

The family are struggling to survive following the loss of their funding, but Ed’s attempt to solve their problems backfires dramatically. Meanwhile Danny receives news that could blow the family apart.


Episode 10

As Danny prepares to leave for the UK, Du Plessis makes an alarming discovery about Ed and Fiona. However when Danny, Du Plessis and Ed are called out to help with a lion in the National Park, it looks like Danny’s last adventure will end in tragedy.



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Additional Information

Sub Name Complete Series 7
Duration (mins) 452
Certificate 12
No. of Discs 3
Format DVD Region 2 (Europe)
Genre Drama
Author No
Video No