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New Tricks - Series 9

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  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9
  • New Tricks - Series 9

New Tricks

Series 9

Quick Overview

Series 9 of New Tricks sees new recruit retired DI Steve McAllister (Denis Lawson) join the team to investigate old unsolved crimes.
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Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman heads The Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad (UCOS), cracking previously unsolved crimes from the past.  Her team are ex policemen who have opted for early retirement. 


In series nine Jack Halford deals a devastating blow to UCOS - he's quitting. But before the team can question the reasons behind his decision and persuade him to stay, shadowy Whitehall Intelligence figure Stephen Fisher arrives with one of his secret cases, the unsolved murder of a woman dating back 100 years.  UCOS have just 24 hours to solve it.


This three disc set contains all ten episodes from the ninth series which also sees Denis Lawson joining the team as DI Steve McAllister.


Episode Guide


1. A Death in the Family - First Broadcast: 27th August 2012

Jack Halford announces that he's quitting UCOS. As the team try to figure out why, they receive a case from Whitehall intelligence operative Stephen Fisher concerning an unsolved murder dating back 160 years.


2. Old School Ties - First Broadcast: 3rd September 2012

When human remains are found on the grounds of a prestigious public school, the team reinvestigate the disappearance of a PE teacher from the school five years earlier.


3. Queen And Country - First Broadcast: 10th September 2012

The case of a Foreign Office diplomat who supposedly committed suicide after suffering a miscarriage and a career setback is reopened when the dead woman's twin sister finds new evidence indicating foul play.


4. The Girl Who Lived - First Broadcast: 17th September 2012

Retired DI Steve McAndrew from Glasgow joins the team to reopen one of his old cases when the DNA of a woman who went missing as a teen turns up at the scene of a petrol station robbery.


5. Body Of Evidence - First Broadcast: 24th September 2012

The body of a missing computer expert turns up in a hospital morgue under a false name, so the team reopens the investigation into his disappearance.


6. Love Means Nothing In Tennis - First Broadcast: 1st October 2012

The team investigate the death of a 16-year-old tennis star who fell—or was pushed—from a penthouse balcony after she lost an important match to a rival.


7. Dead Poets - First Broadcast: 8th October 2012

Sandra and the team unearth the ten-year-old case of a poet from Belfast, dubbed as “the most exciting poetic prospect of the new millennium”, whose burnt body was found in the scrapyard of a known gangster and drug smuggler.


8. Blue Flowers - First Broadcast: 15th October 2012

The detectives investigate the murder of an East German immigrant, but all they have to go on are his mysterious final words, which translate as `blue flower'. As they piece together his remarkable story, Sandra tries to gain the trust of his estranged daughter.


9. Glasgow UCOS - First Broadcast: 29th October October 2012

Gerry and Steve travel to Glasgow, where a new UCOS section is being set up. While there, they agree to assist the investigation into the 1993 unsolved murder of James Soutar, the wealthy owner of a string of betting shops.


10. Parts Of A Whole - First Broadcast: 22nd October 2012

Strickland's Whitehall pal Stephen Fisher is targeted by an assassin, so the UCOS boss enlists the team to find whoever was responsible. He reveals that 30 years earlier, he and Fisher were involved in a covert MI5 operation to break into the house of a journalist believed to have information on an IRA arms deals





Additional Information

Sub Name Series 9
Duration (mins) 586
Certificate 15
No. of Discs 3
Format DVD Region 2 (Europe)
Genre Crime
Author No
Video No