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New Tricks Series 3

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  • New Tricks Series 3

New Tricks

Series 3

Quick Overview

Series 3 of New Tricks sees the team reopen cases involving violent dog killings and ice cream bandits at war

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Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman heads The Unsolved Crime and Open Case Squad (UCOS), cracking previously unsolved crimes from the past. Her team are three ex policemen; Gerry Standing, Jack Halford and Brian Lane, who for various reasons all opted for early retirement.


Series Three finds them investigating a teacher’s mysterious car crash death; a murder involving misappropriated Union funds; violent dog killings, witchcraft, ice cream bandits at war and arson. Employing modern cutting edge forensics UCOS doesn't always adhere to strict police procedures and often resorts to unconventional methods to close a case. However, the veterans battle on, fighting dizzy spells and advancing years to right the wrongs of the past.


Starring: Amanda Redman, Dennis Waterman, Alun Armstrong, James Bolam


Episode Guide



1. Lady’s Pleasure - First Broadcast: 17 April 2006

The car driven by a teacher who died in a crash is returned to the victim's husband, Stephen Murray, five years after her untimely death. Sandra, who worked on the original case, reopens the unsolved case. She is somewhat less than unbiased about the case, and is certain the husband is the guilty culprit, citing lack of emotion shown by the husband.


2. Dockers - First Broadcast: 24 April 2006

The death of Joe Walsh, whose body was found in the Thames in 1975, is reinvestigated. Walsh was General Secretary of the Crane Driver's Union. He was suspected of financial improprieties at the time of his death.


3. Old Dogs - First Broadcast: 1 May 2006

The team investigates a series of dog mutilations, which appear to be linked to similar killings in the same area some 30 years ago.


4. Diamond Geezers - First Broadcast: 8 May 2006

The vicious criminal Chopper Hadley returns to England to bury his father. Jack is viciously intimidated after being tricked into attending the funeral. Brian is sent undercover with a green officer to investigate Hadley


5. Wicca Work - First Broadcast: 15 May 2006

The death of Craig Rossiter, a local librarian, is reinvestigated when a woman insists it was because of witchcraft.


6. Bank Robbery - First Broadcast: 22 May 2006

When a former police informant returns to the country after 17 years on the run, he reveals information to Gerry about a bank robbery which left a cashier dead. The evidence points to Ray Cook, a legendary criminal who has since written a book and become a prime time celebrity.


7. Ice Cream Wars - First Broadcast: 29 May 2006

The battle between two families in the business of selling ice cream erupts once again. UCOS discover most of their conflict has been exacerbated by predations of "the ice cream bandit", an armed robber whose targets were the ice cream vans of the two feuding families in the mid 1990s.


8. Congratulations - First Broadcast: 5 June 2006

A school arson is being reinvestigated when the young man originally convicted of the crime, Luke Hanson, turns out to have an alibi after all. However, Jack is determined to get a confession from Luke’s father, Ricky, who is suspected of having killed his own brother about the same time. Jack believes Ricky Hanson set his own son up to take the fall for the arson to get him out of the way. As Jack investigates, he begins to believe that the elder Hanson may have been responsible for a tragedy closer to home.


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Additional Information

Sub Name Series 3
Duration (mins) 467
Certificate 15
No. of Discs 3
Format DVD Region 2 (Europe)
Genre No
Author No
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